Thursday, November 15, 2018

the #7 - Hudson Yards

Due to the weather forecast of rain/snow, I took the subway from Grand Central to the Hudson Yards today, rather than my usual walk across town.

The final stop is all brand-spanking new and quite impressive.

The subway is really deep and this escalator ride back up to the surface was huge and quite steep!
 There is a beautiful mosaic in the entrance/exit ceiling...
 ... and the new huge skyscrapers that seemingly touch the sky loom all around once you are back above ground.
  This one is exceptionally strange! Turns out its a walking track! It made me think of a quick rhyme:

"No I'm not smokin' crack 
I really did see a skyscrapered walking track
Puffed up ribs like a giant chest
Who would have known? Who would have guessed?
My mind was blown I thought I have seen it all
But only in  Gotham could a skeleton be this tall!
  Sure enough - when I left work - snow had arrived and was pelting the city!

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